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From Febuary 9th to the 16th, New York was graced with the presence of catwalk strutting, camera clicking, and a traditionally icy Anna Wintour. Yes, it was New York Fashion Week. And while the world of fashion paraded in their Louboutins and absorbed the Autumn/Winter 2012 collections, I was in Putney tapping away at my keyboard and drinking endless amounts of (decaf) coffee.

For a week, I was offered a fantastic work experience placement at Tellusfashion, and during my time there I managed to bag myself a ticket to an international trade show called Scoop. Held in the Saatchi Gallery in Sloane Square, Scoop is a great way for both established and emerging designers to showcase their work. As I nervously walked up the blue carpet (yes my dears, there was a BLUE carpet, very soothing) I realised that this was my first ever fashion event, and I was determined not to mess it up by knocking something over....or embarrassing myself by babbling about how the designs remind me of my best friends dog/kangaroo/any other animal of the furry kind. Somehow, however, I managed to avoid these events by keeping shtum and just smiling. :)

From sleek, evening dresses to airy, multicoloured blouses, this place had something for everyone. Each designer had a little designated space, with the name of their label printed on the wall and a rack or two of their designs. They smiled welcomley, presenting their products with such enthusiasm it was clear that they were passionate about their work. As I was perusing through the various items, I took a few photos to show you guys some of my favourites:

Beautiful, unique shoes by Robert Clergerie

Colour block geometric print by Spijkers en Spijkers - the bright, bold hues remind me of the 70's!

Printed silk scarves by Weston Scarves

I don't know who designed this coat because it was on a stand but I immediatly fell in love with the two tone wool and assymetrical cut!

These nifty little creations are called Bagllerinas. Created for the busy, on-the-go woman, these individually wrapped pumps fold up and can fit neatly into your purse! They come with their own draw string bags and are available in a range of different colours. Major love.

And now we come to my favourite designer of the day: Rebekka Ruetz. Originally from Austria, Rebekka launched her label in 2009 and this was her debut at Scoop. I was enthralled by her rich fabrics and effortless designs; she is a complete breath of fresh air. Almost every piece contained some sort of gathering, pleating or ruffling; it was a collection that was truly pleasing to the eye. And the fur dress? Winner!! This lady is going to make it big for sure.

As I drifted away with my goodie bag filled with business cards in hand, I knew this event was definately an experience worth shouting about. Glad I could let you guys know the 'scoop' about Scoop (Ahhh,I am TOO good).

Bye for now!

P.S: It's the Oscars tonight. So excited.


hello! bonjour! ¡hola! ciao! etc etc...

Hello blogging world! Wow...I cannot believe after existing in the most technologically developed century yet, I still hadn't discovered the beauty of wordpress, and blogs in general. I say this with great embarrassement, and will attempt to make up for it with my witty, light-hearted blog posts (HELLO THESAURUS.) I kid. Sort of.

So as this my first post, I feel I should provide some sort of formal introduction. I say formal, but be sure if you met me in person I would either grin and wave manically or probably give you giant hug. Unless you were Zac Efron, in which case I would either a) faint, or b) start rambling about how upset I was when I discovered his real singing voice wasn't used in the first High School Musical (gutted, mate). There is, of course, the obvious c) where I would get on one knee and ask him to marry me, providing him with a hula hoop as a ring (I'm a student, okay?!). It's the twenty first century; it's acceptable.

Now, for the less exciting stuff: My name is Caroline, and I am an English Literature student in London. When writing my personal statement in Year 13, I began manically crying because I was completly torn between studying Art or English..my aunties had to sit me down and hand me a plate full of homemade brownies to stop me from snivelling. It was the biggest choice of my life yet, and I was ripping my hair out wondering whether to go down the "be happy but poor!" or "be okay but have more options" path. As you can see, I chose the latter. However, despite my apprehensions, I've actually enjoyed it more than I thought. I've not only read books which have changed my life, but have developed my knowledge of the world and the wonderful authors that exist within it. I do occasionally sit down and ponder about what I would be doing had I gone to art school...(probably wearing paint-stained dungarees and smoking a lot of weed, I presume).

My interest in fashion sparked from my mother. At the age of 6, I was being thrust into pleated dresses, royal blue leggings with matching hairbands, each individually designed and sewn by her. She was exceptionally talented, and despite having a degree in architecture, it was obvious her passion was in clothing design. She set up her own private company where she would design and make custom clothes to order, and attracted a lot of clientele. I recently found a book of hers in a forgotten drawer with all her hand drawn designs and measurements; it was fascinating. Since then, the dresses and leggings were given away to charity, and I have developed my own personal sense of style. Now, you're probably thinking, why "The Glittered Chameleon"? Well, the reason is simple; I'm obsessed with glitter, and my style changes every single day, along with my mood.

So that's it for now, folks. I hope I didn't bore you too much :) Ciao for now!

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