wiw: festival fever

Hey guys! Seeing as festival season is in full swing I thought I'd do a quick post to show you what I wore to Lovebox! Hope you enjoy the outfit as much as I enjoyed getting it dirty (fell headfirst into the mud even before we were let in, hence the brown tinged socks..)

Excuse the squint, for the slight moment the sun actually came out that day, it managed to blind me. From looking at this outfit now, I realise that I am complete tramp! In other words, the most expensive item of clothing I'm wearing are my boots, which were a mere £20. The shorts are my current favourite item of clothing - a birthday present from my friends (I seem to have a complete obsession with America, so this was an easy and gorgeous choice for a gift). The top is originally from H&M, but as I never buy anything full price (ever), I ebayed it for about 2 quid. Socks and bag, Primark of course. Oh and the headband? £1 from Topshop. WINNER!

Hope everyone is having a lovely summer. I just got back from Cornwall and am incredibly miserable. :(

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