rhythm really is a dancer

I know this may seem a little bit late considering the Olympics finished a good 2 weeks ago, but was everyone not completely captivated by the rhythmic gymnast’s leotards?! The glitter, the swirls, even the seemingly uncomfortable crotch areas looked glamorous! I always found the idea of gymnastics enthralling, and completely resent my father for not sending me off to ballet classes at the tender age of 4. However, the outfits this year really were the cherry on top of a fantastic performance by all the countries competing (if only they could teach me how to bend back like a branch, that would be fantastic...)

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fashion internships

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For someone that’s just graduated from university, I find myself pretty lucky. I have a part time job that, although isn’t in my desired sector as of yet, provides me with a substantial income. I also live at home, which means that I don’t have to spend hundreds of pounds on bills and rent each month (plus I get to have two hour showers and lots of yummy Polish food cooked for me.....IAMNOTSPOILT). However, there comes a time when a graduate decides they’ve had enough of meaningless retail jobs and serving pervy men drinks at bars and starts to focus on their long term career goals. In an area such as fashion, internships are vital. High end fashion retailers or magazines won’t even glance at your CV unless you’ve worked your butt off serving coffee and answering the phone for at least three different companies. Yes, sadly that is what most fashion internships are. You are the bitch. Despite this, young girls all over London are scuttling around begging to be ‘bitches’, and being scrutinized for not ordering the correct latte (I said decaf SOYA latte with caramel flavouring!?!) The fact is, the world of fashion is glamorous indeed – the catwalks, the after parties and the outfits all seem alluring to the average teenager, but you have to work damn hard to get your foot in the door. From that, it seems that internships and work experience are the way to go in such a competitive industry *insert sad face*.

So, I’ve put together this little list of things that you should know when applying for internships so that you're aware of all the ups and downs :)

Know what to expect

Although it seems obvious, many interns aren’t involved in a lot of hands on stuff unless they really think you’re up to it. Most of your day will probably be spent sorting through papers and post, making coffee and performing general runner duties. Although there are occasions where you will get involved in a lot more ‘fashiony’ tasks, don’t walk in there expecting to be writing articles by day two. Remember, they’re doing you a favour, not the other way round.


You don’t want to start working at Elle expecting to be showered with free gifts and a lovely cheque at the end of the month for all your hard work. Unfortunately for us budding fashionistas, most internships are unpaid. However many companies may offer to cover travel and lunch expenses, which is pretty decent of them considering. Either way, swat up on the company and the job role so you don’t get unpleasantly surprised.

Give, Get Given

If you showed dedication and enthusiasm irrelevant of the task during your placement, the company may want to take you on for a full time position. Although this is very rare, it’s great to leave a lasting impression - when a potential employer contacts them for a reference, they will be more than pleased to recommend such a star intern as yourself (cue the hair flick). Complete all tasks with a smile (even if it is getting shouted at down the phone by an angry designer) and you will be granted with a shiny new set of industry contacts. Woop!

I know it all seems a bit negative, but remember, internships are supposed to be a fun way of experiencing what your potential job sector will feel like, so work hard but above all, enjoy it! No matter how many cover letters I write, I still get excited at the prospects because I know it’s what I am driven to do. Anyway, I hope this hasn’t completely put a damper on your mood! Maybe I’m just PMS’ing...(or been staring at the computer screen all day)...

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