The Shoreditch Fashion Show 2013

This is a piece I wrote for The Clothes Maiden - check them out!

With a range of impressive art installations, some of Britain’s most talented graduates, gifted musicians, and delicious food, Shoreditch Fashion Show is definitely not your standard fashion affair. The bi-annual event, brainchild of Wynter Heaves and presented by Offbeat and Made in Shoreditch, promises to fuse together art, fashion and live music into one giant creative experience - and boy did it not disappoint.


The Paradise Returns to BBC 1

Source: telegraph.co.uk

With the explosion of period dramas such as Downton Abby, there was a time when I believe I was the only one in the country - if not the world - who didn't get the hype (that could be because I’ve never actually sat through an entire episode, but we’ll just ignore that). Don’t get me wrong, I do love me a bit of historical television, but for some reason I was never drawn to Downton. Then, with a flash of monochrome paisley and rigid corsets came The Paradise, a 19th century period drama that not only won me over with the casting (HELLO Emun Elliott), but enticed me with the lavish costumes, charming setting, and rather intriguing story line.

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