A Generation of Man Repellers - And Why We Love It

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See how many f**** she gives? I'd say none.
A couple of months back, I was scouring the Topshop sale with one of my many fellow shopping addicts when I came across the most divine pair of shoes hidden among the array of “from £79.99 to £69.99” booties (no Topshop that is not a sale, sort it out). Diamonds in the wrath I thought, as I eyed these beauties, praying they would fit my ridiculously wide feet. I sat down, forced slid my foot in and stood up. Slightly squished toes, but nowhere near the Geisha-esque tightness I assumed. They fit. They were gorgeous. And they were £20. As I raised them up to the sky as Rafiki did with Simba, I turned around to see my friend, eyebrows raised, lip curled, giving me that look. I lowered the shoes, my face dropping. “What?”
 “Um...Caz you know I love you, which is precisely why I’m going to tell you to gently put those back and start towards the exit.” I blinked at him; what was wrong with them? Okay, so they were leopard print suede, a bit square and had a heel like a dodgy cowboy boot, but couldn't he see the potential?


Why is No One Talking About The White Queen?

With the appearance of Netflix, Love Film and *ahem* downloading, nowadays I rarely sit down at the television and watch something from start to finish (apart from The Great British Bake Off - it's back guys, it's back. Soggy bottoms FTW). However, one particular programme that got me excited merely from the adverts was The White Queen. It can be argued that my enthusiasm stemmed from the BBC previews displaying Max Irons in the role of King Edward, who's piercing eyes, perfectly chiselled jawline and rather appealing physique had me completely glued to the screen. "Someone give me a pen!" I shouted, as I scribbled down the name of the show, not taking my eyes off the curly brown hair. But this is just one argument; the other is that I am exceedingly enthralled by history, which to some extent is true. I prefer the first explanation though.

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