Life As a Tall Lady

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You know that annoying tall person that sits in front of you at the cinema and moves their head continuously so you can never fully see the screen? Yeah, that's probably me. Or when you're at a gig and a lanky human pops out of no where and starts waving their hands about in front of your face even though they could stand at the back of the crowd and still see everything clearly? That's also probably me. Sorry about that.


Bog Off Mother Nature - Diary Doll Period Pants - Review

What is it with men and shriveling up every time a woman mentions the word 'period'? The awkward silence, the immediate change of subject; it's like when you tell someone how McDonalds burgers are made. I remember my dad's face the first time I ran down the stairs screaming my head off. The fear is his eyes..it was like I had just told him I was bleeding from the womb. Oh wait...


Rihanna for River Island

I am not usually one to criticise a collection – as I am so diverse with my outfit tastes, I always find something that catches my eye or tickles my fashion fancy. So as I settled down with a nice cup of green tea and loaded up the Rihanna for River Island fashion show, I expected nothing less from the starlet, who is fast becoming a style icon. What I got, however, was a lot of black, a lot of thigh and a hell of a lot of swearing.
Rihanna’s style has developed dramatically since the boob-protruding green dress in SOS and gold crop top in Pon de Replay. The years have seen her move through phases of girlie and soft, to classy and mature, to damn right disturb(ia)ing. Now RiRi seems to have finally settled into her own unique style mixing genres of rock and hiphop and, as she admits in a behind-the-scenes River Island video, her collection is a little selfish; she designed the clothing with herself in mind.

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