Just Plain Ugg-ly?

As the last remaining autumn leaves are settling on pavements, scarves are being wrapped tighter, noses are becoming runnier, and wearing three pairs of socks to work is finally sounding like a good idea. As much as I’d love to call this time of year ‘winter’, being a permanent resident of London can make it rather difficult to identify the transitions between the seasons (think snow in April, 27 degree heat in October). Either way, temperatures are dropping all around the world, which can only mean one particular item of clothing that seems to exist in everybody’s wardrobe is slowly making its way back on the streets...the dreaded Ugg boot.


Fruity Couture

So a couple of weeks back, I was doing standard Friday night Facebook stalking (yes, I am aware that this inclines I have no life), and my eye was drawn to a little advert in the right hand corner for Birdcage Creative. A massive fan of all things sparkly, my inner magpie started flashing, soI clicked the neat little square and am proud to say that I haven't looked back since (I also didn't get any viruses in the process, woop).


These Boots Are Made For...Ouch

Like many 20-something city girls, I love a good night on the town. By that, I don’t mean getting ridiculously rat-arsed and trawl the streets of London with a kebab in one hand and destroyed heels in the other (although let’s face it, we’ve all been there). Nowadays when I go out, all I need is some music, a bit of floor, and I’m loving life. However, one thing has continuously bugged me since I (legally) began setting foot in clubs and bars – bloody high heels.


Hallow's Eve etc...

Yes I know I know...Halloween was like, totally 2 days ago. But I've been working my butt off since getting my new job so I haven't have any time to blog *tear*.

So the other day I popped in to my local Superdrug to buy some 'essentials' (aka 'pointless things that I will probably never use but buy because they have attractive packaging'), and I came across the new 'Halloween Special' Barry M Nail Effects nail polish. Now, I'm not the biggest fan of citrus shades in the winter, but this polish promised to create a 'web' effect, which automatically made my little brain go 'OOH! PRETTY!!'

To prepare my nails, I used Barry M All in One Basecoat and Topcoat which made sure the nail polish would stay on. Then, I chose Barry M Foil Effects in Gold (only one coat needed because Barry M is that awesome), and finally the orange Nail Effects.

At first, I thought it was a bloody scam - the nails didn't change at all! But after about 2 or 3 minutes I started to see a slight change...and the crackle finally came through. It wasn't a web effect as promised (so naturally my Halloween look was simply ruined) but it did turn out pretty cool:

Not bad eh? It stayed on so well I couldn't get the damn thing off! Nice one Barry.


So about a week ago I went to see my friend in Camden Town, and to my utter horror, lo behold - an American Apparel, right opposite the station. Next to it, a H&M (or something equally mainstream). Now, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against a bit of H&M (it's one of my favorite high street stores to be frank) but for the love of god, Camden used to be the one place in the whole of London where I could go and feel like I don't have to dress like a million dollars.

I walked down the road searching for the punks and goths that used to fill the high street, the multi-coloured hair, the tattoos. In their places, tourists, tourists, everywhere. The studded belts that used to hang down from the stalls have been replaced with Dr Dre headphones and New Era caps, and the music store on the corner near the canal is now selling clothes and shoes. Of course, the market still exists, with it's hard-headed merchants advertising overpriced t-shirts that you can get for 5 quid less down the road, and the chinese food that'll have you squirming on your toilet for 2 days straight. However most, if not all of the band jumpers and t-shirt stalls are gone, with extensive amounts of London memorabilia in their place. Drunken teenagers that used to hang out by the lock are no more (good times), instead large glass apartment buildings now line the canal, making Camden look more like Manhattan than market.

The one thing that hasn't changed, (and I don't think ever will) is the music venues and pubs. Despite a lot of them being filled with hungry families during the day, most are transformed into old school Camden music venues during the evening, which still stay true to their names, Underworld, Barfly and Electric Ballroom to name a few. One thing's for sure - you can still have a decent night out no matter what you're into, which is what makes Camden so special to me.

Either way...I MISS YOU CAMDEN!!


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