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I like slogan shirts. From classic Keep Calm logos, to designer parodies such as FĂ©line and Homies, to the age-old argument of Team Edward v Team Jacob, (are we still banging on about this?) to humorous play on words like Comme Des Fuckdown, slogan shirts are hugely popular among celebrities, bloggers and the now the general public. Yeah, I like them. Funnily enough, the only slogan shirt I've ever owned was the one I mentioned in a previous post – an asymmetric red long sleeve with the words “I love my attitude problem” printed in silver glitter (yes I know, I have already hung my head in shame on numerous occasions, thanks). Although I was probably craving a rebellious nature, my 12 year old attitude problem was non-existent so it was kind of a meaningless broadcast. Because after all, a slogan shirt is supposed to reflect the person wearing it, right?


Cheap & Cheerful - Top 5 Fashion Websites for the Thrifty Shopper

If you know me personally or have read my previous posts proclaiming just how much of a cheapskate I really am, you'll know that I am...well, a cheapskate*. I dye my own hair, click straight to the 'sale' section of a clothing website, and spend hours trawling through charity shops. I never spend more than £20 on a pair of shoes, and if Primark didn't exist I would probably walk around naked. Ebay is my best friend. Full price items are my foes.


Sorrento, City of Love (and Active Volcanoes)

I'm back! Okay, so it's pretty fair to say that I've been back for a while but trying to get back into a certain routine after a week of captivating views, wonderful food and oblivious Vespa riders has proven to be rather difficult. As soon as the plane landed on British soil my heart began to ache for Italy - it wasn't just the place that I missed, it was feeling that it gave me. O Sole Mio!

So yes, we went to Italy - more specifically, Sorrento. Well, up a mountain on the outskirts of Sorrento. I won't bore you with geographical details, but for those who don't know, Sorrento is a small town by the sea overlooking the bay of Naples in the south of Italy. It's picturesque views, wonderful walks and traditionally 'Italian' vibe has tourists flocking in their thousands every summer. Yes, it is incredibly touristy and everything is quite expensive but if you know how to budget, want a relaxing beach holiday with also plenty to see, Sorrento is ideal.

So what did we do?

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