Cheap & Cheerful - Top 5 Fashion Websites for the Thrifty Shopper

If you know me personally or have read my previous posts proclaiming just how much of a cheapskate I really am, you'll know that I am...well, a cheapskate*. I dye my own hair, click straight to the 'sale' section of a clothing website, and spend hours trawling through charity shops. I never spend more than £20 on a pair of shoes, and if Primark didn't exist I would probably walk around naked. Ebay is my best friend. Full price items are my foes.

I know you're all probably thinking "Jesus wept, this girl must be Jewish or something." Close, I'm Polish. And to be frank, I have a pretty good idea as to why I am the way I am (picture this: child wants expensive luxurious branded chocolate. Father gives child the Tesco Value alternative. Child cries...and cries...and cries....and finally gives up. Father is satisfied he has taught his child to be efficient with money. The end).

Okay, slightly exaggerated perhaps, but I genuinely try to take care of my money as best I can. Plus, there are so many different ways to look good without busting your bank balance; people are just lazy. And thus we smoothly roll into the topic of today's blog post, which is my top 5 best money saving fashion websites.

*For my American readers, who probably haven't the faintest idea what this British bimbo is on about, cheapskate refers to someone who doesn't like to spend their money on...well, anything. Hello me.

For a tightwad such as myself, this website is literally heaven on a mannequin. Although certain items aren't of the best quality, it's really easy to find some great looking things without the giant price tag. Plus the website offers the chance for customers to leave comments and reviews, so you always know whether it's worth parting with your cash.

my favs: 

 2. eBay

It's a pretty known fact that you can literally buy anything off eBay (including some of Justin Bieber's spit in a jar, apparently..mmm). As appealing as that is, I tend to steer towards the fashion sections and have found many a bargain on this amazing site. Many successful fashion companies such as Nasty Gal started out with an eBay store, so if you're thinking of trying to start an online business whilst being fashion savvy, eBay is the way. 

what i'm watching:
evil twin outer limits cape  //  kate moss @ topshop panther dress  //  zara spike fedora hat  // topshop galaxy print bodycon pencil skirt

3. Clothing in Supermarkets

Don't even think about judging me - Asda isn't just good for half price Doritos, I tell you now. In fact, F&F @ Tesco and George @ Asda have some pretty amazing stuff on the website that they don't sell in store, so I highly recommend trawling through and having a good look. What's even more awesome is that George has now launched a limited edition collection featuring two rising stars - fashion graduates Claire Acton and Chloe Jones, who were discovered at last year's Graduate Fashion Week. Bet you wanna tag along with your mum next time you run out eggs now, huh? Check the rest of the range out here

my favs from George @ Asda: 
4. H&M

What I love about H&M is that they always have a sale on (surprise surprise). Not only that, their regular prices items aren't bad either - the quality is superb and the styles are always up to date. They frequently collaborate with designers, note-worthy ones being Versace, Lanvin and now Isabel Marant, and are generally always on the ball. Plus, there's always voucher codes dancing around the internet so if you're savvy enough, you're bound to find something for a good price (I bought a pair of pumps for £4 the other day....£4. That's less than a large Frappuccino. COME ON GUYS.)

my favs from the sale section:

While voucher websites such as Groupon and Wowcher offer the odd dress or bag discount every now and again, Fashion Vouchers is one that concentrates solely on fashion. The site has literally hundreds of discount vouchers for lots of top retailers including Asos, Motel Rocks, Office, New Look, Dorothy Perkins and more. As a person who searches for discount codes for virtually everything (think Domino's two for Tuesdays...and STILL trying to get 20% off a £30 spent -tragic), this one is definitely for me. 

And that's it! Are there any you think I've missed? Let me know! Also if you want to find out more ways how to change your wardrobe around whilst on a budget, have a peep at my post here.


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