Sorrento, City of Love (and Active Volcanoes)

I'm back! Okay, so it's pretty fair to say that I've been back for a while but trying to get back into a certain routine after a week of captivating views, wonderful food and oblivious Vespa riders has proven to be rather difficult. As soon as the plane landed on British soil my heart began to ache for Italy - it wasn't just the place that I missed, it was feeling that it gave me. O Sole Mio!

So yes, we went to Italy - more specifically, Sorrento. Well, up a mountain on the outskirts of Sorrento. I won't bore you with geographical details, but for those who don't know, Sorrento is a small town by the sea overlooking the bay of Naples in the south of Italy. It's picturesque views, wonderful walks and traditionally 'Italian' vibe has tourists flocking in their thousands every summer. Yes, it is incredibly touristy and everything is quite expensive but if you know how to budget, want a relaxing beach holiday with also plenty to see, Sorrento is ideal.

So what did we do?
Well...we drove through winding roads, got given the wrong room, spent 15 on a bottle of wine from the hotel (which we later bought for 6 in a local shop), got drunk and fell asleep, changed rooms the next day, sat by the pool, didn't feel like the only pale in the village (so many English people), walked around Sant'Agata, found a pretty church who's attempt at imitating Big Ben almost made me poo myself, lit a candle, went to Pompeii, struggled to find shade, ate mangled sandwiches, realised there was no way we were climbing Vesuvius for shit, saw some ruins, saw some more ruins, found lemon trees everywhere, smuggled pizza into the hotel, drank coffee, went for gelato, went for gelato again, ran with (now liquid) gelato because we were late for the shuttle bus, fried ourselves in the sun, didn't get burnt (hooray!), walked around Sorrento, found adorable vintage shops, bought a magnet, found the same magnet for 50c cheaper down the road, got pissed, ate some gelato, stared at the sea, found another church that was preparing for a wedding and was all pretty, took a boat to Capri, toured around Capri, got off at Capri and did a 3km trek up a mountain, almost died, almost got conned into paying 7 for a Coke, saw some cliffs, saw some caves, dipped our toes into turquoise water, met some cats, tried to drag Nat into Roberto Cavalli, failed miserably, ate a heart shaped pizza, stole some lemons, visited the Dali exhibition, became overwhelmed, drank more coffee, found a limoncello farm, threw old lemons away to steal more, ate amazing cannelloni, got drunk again, walked down a cliff in flip flops, almost died, found a private beach with clear blue water, got stung by a jellyfish, didn't die, almost died on the way up the cliff, posed for far too many photos, ate the most amazing pasta we've ever tasted, saw some really strange street performers, bought a Carpisa bag (as a souvenir of course), got given glow-in-the-dark rosaries by an amazing man, ate some pastries, drank more wine, ate more gelato, made friends with the hotel dog (we miss you Rocky), got humped by the hotel dog, packed, cried, vowed we would return with more money and baggage allowance.

And that's it in a nutshell. God, we almost died a lot didn't we. Here's some image references for your pretty eyes:

This doesn't even cover a smidgen of it - we managed to take over 1000 photos in a week. Now that's a record even for me!

We did arrive back in London to some rather fantastic weather, and it's managing to hold up for the time being. Staaay sun, stay. Good boy.


Note: For some reason Blogger is hatin' on me and decided to slightly blur some of the photos. Sorry about that!


  1. Love the pics! I'm just as bad with pics...I took about 800 in Paris over 4 days :) Looks like you had a great time! x

    1. Awww yay I thought I was the only one :P x


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