Dig up the Bones and Leave the Soul Alone

dress - h&m // waistcoat - charity shop // bandeau - river island
hat - h&m // sunglasses - h&m 

Post title: MS MR - Bones

I never thought I'd hear myself complaining about warm weather but yes, here I am complaining about warm weather. It's too freaking hot. 

This dress was discovered after much rummaging in the H&M summer sale - not only was it the last one, but it was in my size so I figured it was destiny (that tends to be how my mentality works). I don't think they have this particular style online but they do other equally cool ones here if you want to check them out. It's perfect when you're running errands like I've been doing today - yes, walking around Tesco and Superdrug in 30 degree heat is my calling...but hey, a girl's gotta eat/smell nice/brush her teeth etc.

Hope everyone is enjoying this crazy heatwave - I'm off to have a cold shower and chow down on some rice cakes. Mm..healthy eating. What a joy.


P.S: For god knows what reason, I've created myself a Lookbook. If you want to see me attempt to look good, take a peek. Love and stuff!


Comment as much as you like - all are appreciated! :)

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