It Starts with an Idea - Interview with Made in Chelsea's Caggie Dunlop

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Please accept my apologies dear readers, for my internship has stripped me of all free time. :( My weekends are now spent catching up on Vampire Diaries (my god, Ian Somerholder...my god), attempting to see friends (and buying them extensive amounts of chocolate to apologize for my lack of being), and snoring away my troubles. 

A few months back, I emailed the lovely Caggie Dunlop from Made in Chelsea regarding her new fashion line, ISWAI. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a rather big fan of MiC, and after hearing about ISWAI (which stands for It Starts With An Idea) through the grapevine and having a bit of a snoop on the website, I really liked what they were doing and wanted to know more.


Diary of a (Rather Awkward) Intern

So this was something that I kept pretty under wraps for fear that it would all go completely pear shaped, but now that I have officially secured my position for the next four weeks, I think it's safe to say...I am the newest intern at Sugarscape!!

Yes my dears, for the next month, I shall be entertaining myself (and hopefully you guys also) with updates on One Direction, Taylor Swift and other such teen icons. Although this isn't something I would usually find myself writing about, the opportunity is awesome and, despite being only 4 days in, I am already enjoying it thoroughly (and as much as I hate to admit it, it's actually quite intriguing to know all the gossip before anyone else; I feel like Perez Hilton, but with longer hair).  


Hollywood Costume Exhibition

(Warning: long post alert!)

One of the greatest things about watching a movie is seeing the amount of effort that is made into creating the perfect experience for an audience, whether that be through setting, clothing, or simply choice of actor. I was always a keen observer of these elements, but my A-Level Film Studies classes seemed to have permanently distorted my ability to watch a movie without analyzing almost everything about it. This is not necessarily a bad thing – you see things others don’t, you appreciate features such as light, cinematography and music, which in turn makes the viewing experience a more pleasurable one (it’s also particularly fun predicting the ending and sitting smugly with an “I KNEW IT!” face for the remainder of the movie).


Updates 2013

I've been a bad, bad mummy. Two and a half week without posting! If there was ever such a thing as social services in the blogging world I would be charged with major neglect...for this I apologize, dear blog, and pledge my eternal devotion to you *strokes*.

So, it's the new year! Like most people who like to create resolutions they never keep, this unfortunate time of the year comes around to remind me that a) I am no longer a size 10 due to excessive eating of Lindt chocolate, and b) my debit card should be temporarily confiscated during boxing day sales (I resent you, River Island). Either way, Christmas was quiet, family orientated and full of continental treats. Here's my (really late) outfit from the day:

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