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I've been a bad, bad mummy. Two and a half week without posting! If there was ever such a thing as social services in the blogging world I would be charged with major neglect...for this I apologize, dear blog, and pledge my eternal devotion to you *strokes*.

So, it's the new year! Like most people who like to create resolutions they never keep, this unfortunate time of the year comes around to remind me that a) I am no longer a size 10 due to excessive eating of Lindt chocolate, and b) my debit card should be temporarily confiscated during boxing day sales (I resent you, River Island). Either way, Christmas was quiet, family orientated and full of continental treats. Here's my (really late) outfit from the day:

(For some reason my ankles look like they consumed more turkey than I did this festive season, so I do apologize for that).

Top: the madre's during the good old 80's
Skirt: my old school skirt (shh....)
Tights: a present - all I know is that they cost a stonking £12 and I already have a rip in them...
Shoes: New Look (on sale)
Earrings: Versace for H&M (eBay!)
Ring: River Island (on sale)
Nail Polish: Barry M Nail Effects Foil in Gold

So! Things I am looking forward to in 2013:

 Actually existing - yes, after the Mayan 'scare', I am pretty chuffed to still be breathing

 Monsters University - I can finally rekindle my love for Sully

 Kate Middleton popping one out - so the papers can finally shut the heck up about it

 The return of Sherlock season 3 - only one word for this..FINALLY

 Bioshock 3 - yes, I am a girl. Yes I play video games. Yes, I'm actually pretty good

 Bestival - if I can actually get enough money

 And...(cue the gouda) making new friends, and spending more time with old ones. 

I hope everyone had a bloody brilliant Crimbo and an epic New Year - the only resolution I have created for myself is that I am going to blog more (and I've slightly failed that one already; January: 1, Caz: 0). All jokes aside, 2012 was a pretty hectic and unpredictable year for me, so here's to 2013 being the best it could ever be. Cheers big ears.



  1. How has no one commented on this stunning outfit? That dress looks fantastic on you, the shoes are gorgeous and the tights are soooooooooo cool!!!!

    I agree I cannot WAIT FOR SHERLOCK!!! so many questions how? why? how did he manage to do that?!?! ahhh!! so excited! and K-middy baby! yay

    xxx rebecca @thecinnamonslipper

    1. Awww thank you so much! :) I am super excited for Sherlock, literally have waited far too long, they are keeping us all in suspense!!



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