Polish Pride - La Mania

Being the Pole that I am (and by that I don’t mean you have consent to dance and rub yourself against me, although it is a frequent occurrence among my friends) I get ridiculously excited when a Polish person does anything remotely news or note-worthy - a guy saving a cat from a tree would have me running around the living room shouting “Look! The dude’s Polish! Legend!" When I discovered the work of super talented designer Joanna Przetakiewicz, the brain-child behind label La Mania, I knew that my roots hadn't completely let me down (and I finally found someone with a surname as long as mine, wahey!).

Although I hadn't previously heard of La Mania, I was immediately drawn in by how beautifully minimalistic yet elegant the designs are. I’m a big fan of basic cuts with a bit of spice, and Przetakiewicz’s use of modern fabrics combined with confident lines and sharp edges are a real breath of fresh air. Throwing crazy combinations of colours and fabrics together is easy – it’s the simple designs that are difficult to perfect, and Przetakiewicz does this effortlessly. Her pieces are constructed from the finest materials with high quality detailing, framing the silhouette almost perfectly – I can already see the likes of Victoria Beckham and Kate Middleton (two women of an enviable slender frame) in her dresses.

With  Karl Lagerfeld as a solid friend and mentor and a line already being stocked in Harrods, it seems that La Mania is steadily gaining recognition within the fashion scene. Look out, world - Poland is coming to town!

images c/o vogue.co.uk



  1. Gotta agree with you here, her designs are lovely! I've seen designers who are pretty damn insane, which is cool in the grand scheme of things but hell if I think wearing something like that is a good thing. But these are really well made and well thought-out.

    And yay Polish Pride and surnames I'll never be able to pronounce properly!!!

    1. I agree! :) I'm so proud that there's finally a Polish designer that is making themselves well known in the fashion world. Woop!


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