December Treats

 “A snowball in the face is surely the perfect beginning to a lasting friendship.” 
             - Couldn't agree more, Mr Zusak.

~ Technically it's not actually snowing. Although these photos may seem like London has transformed into a Winter Wonderland, the reality was a tinkle in the east and a shed-load of fog. Still, it's nice to see your own breath once in a while - you know, just to remind yourself you're still alive.

~ The presents are a bit of a lie; I haven't actually bought a single one yet. And knowing my perfect time management skills I will probably end up trawling Boots on the 24th in search of some left-over perfume sets. I guess my resolution of "do not buy pointless presents this year" is now swirling down the plughole...

~ I have managed to keep up with my advent calendar this year; by that I mean not eating the entire thing before the 2nd of December. This year, I upgraded from my usual 99p store concoction and chose a more luxurious Cadbury's.

~ And finally, kitty doesn't look impressed does she. Well, she's going to have to get used to it, I'm going to have a lot of wrapping to do and she provides the perfect entertainment for those long nights covered in cello-tape and glitter (she loves it really).

Hope everyone is enjoying the crisp weather and overcrowded supermarkets! I am drinking soup and creating belated Movember entries - yoo laike?



  1. Lovely festive pictures :) your cat is so cuute (totally doing the same to mine)!

    You have a beautiful blog :)

    -Ciara xo


  2. Truly festive photos, I have to say. Believe me when I empathize with last-minute shopping for people. I wanted to buy gifts for my family this Christmas but not only was I swamped with university work but I also pretty much went flat broke. So no presents this year for anyone. Good thing is, everyone else was just as busy so I didn't get anything either, so at least I escaped the guilt factor. Woo!!

    1. Haha, you are so lucky. It seems that everyone got me presents this year and sadly I was so broke I couldn't return the favour :( Don't you think Christmas flew by this year? It's like, everyone spends MONTHS preparing for it and then it's the one day..and thats it. GAH


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