Why I Miss High School Musical

I remember the first time I laid eyes on a copy of High School Musical on DVD. I was in sixth form, a lot older than the target audience of the movie at the time, lazing about in my Film Studies class (which by the way, neither contributed to my knowledge of film nor an understanding of it – instead I now critically analyse the cinematography of every damn movie I see).


The Remedy @ Underbelly, Hoxton Square 15/04/14

I am not accustomed to writing music reviews – despite my brief employment at Warner Music, I am deficient in both musical wisdom and knowledge of the appropriate terminology that would grant my writing access to the back pages of Kerrang or NME. However, what I do lack in experience and jargon I will attempt to make up for in the development of an atmosphere, a presentation of how the gig made me feel rather than straining to find a use for “syncopation” or “obbligato” in a sentence (what does it even mean people, what does it even mean). Thus if I, at any time turn into a pretentious twat, I assure you I probably have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about. *grin*

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