Diary of a (Rather Awkward) Intern

So this was something that I kept pretty under wraps for fear that it would all go completely pear shaped, but now that I have officially secured my position for the next four weeks, I think it's safe to say...I am the newest intern at Sugarscape!!

Yes my dears, for the next month, I shall be entertaining myself (and hopefully you guys also) with updates on One Direction, Taylor Swift and other such teen icons. Although this isn't something I would usually find myself writing about, the opportunity is awesome and, despite being only 4 days in, I am already enjoying it thoroughly (and as much as I hate to admit it, it's actually quite intriguing to know all the gossip before anyone else; I feel like Perez Hilton, but with longer hair).  

Look at that casual photo-taking in the lift...I'm not excited at all.

I am slightly embarrassed at how excited I got when I walked up to the Hearst building - as I walked through
the revolving doors I found myself dreamily staring at the magazine adverts on the walls, which led to a rather awkward conversation with the administrator: "Who are you with?" I stared at him blankly, unable to remember what the devil I was actually doing there. "Uhh....uhmmm....(it had something to do with an internship..)...Oh! Sugarscape!" The man raised an eyebrow but ushered me through. Apart from that tiny hiccup, my days have been pretty smooth, and I am becoming rather accustomed to the freebies (yesterday we received a giant box with a heart-shaped helium balloon and a bunch of Haribo sweets..ahhh, promotion). 

I was also lucky enough to meet one of my favourite Youtube stars, Dan Howell aka danisnotonfire yesterday. Although I tried not to flush when he came into the office, I could feel my face burn as soon as we got introduced. Thankfully he barely batted an eyelash so I was saved, thank god (although when he walked passed me I caught a whiff of his aftershave - it was YUM). 

All in all, I am pretty chuffed to have gotten this opportunity, and am looking forward to another 3 weeks of working at a rather lovely place with some rather lovely people; can you imagine being on Twitter and Instagram all day? THAT IS MY JOB. I know, you're jealous. :) I will be doing a wee bit of writing for them over the next couple of weeks, so if you want to check the website out, click here; I'm sure you'll find something that tickles your fancy.



  1. Congratulations! It looks so cool, your outfits are awesome, hope you get to have loads of fun there! xxx


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