The Animal in You

hat - h&m  //  t-shirt - ebay  //  snakeskin trousers - topshop  //  sunglasses - h&m

Rar rar rar, look at my angry face.
Yes, after my previous rather bleak post, I thought I'd cheer everyone up with a nice collage of my miserable visage! I genuinely have no idea why I look so morbid, but don't run away just yet - I do actually smile. Sometimes.

I finally received my FĂ©line t-shirt through the post after much deliberating (£6 for a top? Really stretching it there...) and couldn't be happier. The trousers were found in one of the many Topshop sales that I find myself scavenging through for a meer 10 quid - quite the bargain, though you can't expect any less from a stingy little shait like me. 


The heat is slowly dying down and has become more bearable, which is both a massive relief and quite disappointing. As a lover of that big fiery ball in the sky, no matter how much I complain about lack of sleep and excessive perspiration, I never want summer to end and I can already picture the dreary, autumn days looming in on London (you can tell I'm an optimist right?).
Here's to global warming making August the warmest it's ever been. Woop!


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