As Cazzy Bean is considered my 'personal' blog, I feel that I should begin to add a few 'personal' touches to it. Don't worry, you're not going to be bombarded with photographs of me in my underwear watching Orange is the New Black and munching on poppadoms, but I do want to start sharing a bit more about my life. So to kick off, I think it's time to introduce a part of the family that most definitely deserves to be a part of this blog. Ladies and ladies (as I'm pretty sure my readership consists solely of females - if not, do let me know!) I present to you...

Hey gurl. Hey.

Or Kiki for short. Now if you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen a bunch of Kiki pictures because she is the most photogenic cat I have ever seen in my life. She is my baby - and technically she's not mine, but let's just say I'm her step-mother. Sort of.

J Cuddles. Lots of them.
J Excessive licking, and leaving kitten sized clumps of Cleo everywhere she goes.
J Meowing and meowing for wet food, then leaving it to dry and crust because it doesn't appeal to her tastebuds.
J Climbing/sleeping on Caz's head in the morning after I specifically told her it's my day off and I don't need a wake up call.
J Going absolutely ballistic at exactly 10pm every night.
J Playing with imaginary friends. 
J Women. Yeah..she's a bit of lesbian, it's true. 

L Touching of the back paws. You go near them and you dead, son.
L Water. Mention the word 'bath' around her and she's out the door.
L Cheap food, dahhling.
L Thunderstorms and hoovers.
L Boys. Hah.

She always knows when I'm upset, or in pain, or feeling like crap (it'd be great if she was capable of making hot water bottles and tea, but a nuzzle and lick can suffice).

So there you go - a bit of an introduction to my baby. If I never have children, I vow to be a crazy cat lady.


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