Hallow's Eve etc...

Yes I know I know...Halloween was like, totally 2 days ago. But I've been working my butt off since getting my new job so I haven't have any time to blog *tear*.

So the other day I popped in to my local Superdrug to buy some 'essentials' (aka 'pointless things that I will probably never use but buy because they have attractive packaging'), and I came across the new 'Halloween Special' Barry M Nail Effects nail polish. Now, I'm not the biggest fan of citrus shades in the winter, but this polish promised to create a 'web' effect, which automatically made my little brain go 'OOH! PRETTY!!'

To prepare my nails, I used Barry M All in One Basecoat and Topcoat which made sure the nail polish would stay on. Then, I chose Barry M Foil Effects in Gold (only one coat needed because Barry M is that awesome), and finally the orange Nail Effects.

At first, I thought it was a bloody scam - the nails didn't change at all! But after about 2 or 3 minutes I started to see a slight change...and the crackle finally came through. It wasn't a web effect as promised (so naturally my Halloween look was simply ruined) but it did turn out pretty cool:

Not bad eh? It stayed on so well I couldn't get the damn thing off! Nice one Barry.

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