Just Plain Ugg-ly?

As the last remaining autumn leaves are settling on pavements, scarves are being wrapped tighter, noses are becoming runnier, and wearing three pairs of socks to work is finally sounding like a good idea. As much as I’d love to call this time of year ‘winter’, being a permanent resident of London can make it rather difficult to identify the transitions between the seasons (think snow in April, 27 degree heat in October). Either way, temperatures are dropping all around the world, which can only mean one particular item of clothing that seems to exist in everybody’s wardrobe is slowly making its way back on the streets...the dreaded Ugg boot.

Two years ago on my birthday, me and a friend sat in Westfield and attempted to enjoy one of the best pretzels on the planet and a bit of black coffee. Munching away, we couldn’t help notice a large amount of 14 year old school girls gathered around Hollister giggling away, all of them were wearing Uggs. So, we started counting – in 5 minutes we managed to count about 50 girls walk past donning this ridiculous footwear. 50!! And so, my resistance towards this developing trend began...

When I share my rather rare view on this matter, I generally get the same reaction – “But they’re so comfy!” “They’re so warm” “They go with everything!” et cetera, et cetera. My response is simple – “Firstly, they do no good to your feet. Secondly, that’s not the reason you’re wearing them.” The truth is, they look like a cross between a slipper and a ski boot, and I don’t believe either is very appropriate on the Oxford Street sidewalk. To top it off, retailers such as Primark and George@Asda are feeding out cheap replicas of these sodded shoes, so it seems that everyone can now afford the ‘Ugg’ look.

Are people simply concealing their hidden hatred for Ugg boots, or am I really the only person on the planet who hasn’t caught on to this ongoing trend? Enlighten me, guys.


P.S: Whoever made this website is hilarious. Kudos to you, my friend.


  1. That is an awesome website. Nothing to enlighten they are terrible but 14 year olds are going to love them. I think it's more horrifying to see them on people in their 20's, 30's + who really should know better.

  2. Oh thank god I'm not the only one!! :D Agreed! xx

  3. I never liked Uggs myself but my little sister loves them. I borrowed hers a couple of times. They're okay, I guess, comfort-wise. I used to think they were hideous but, like Crocs, you see them so much you get used to them and then your "anger" at strange fashion trends gives way to apathy.


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