Bog Off Mother Nature - Diary Doll Period Pants - Review

What is it with men and shriveling up every time a woman mentions the word 'period'? The awkward silence, the immediate change of subject; it's like when you tell someone how McDonalds burgers are made. I remember my dad's face the first time I ran down the stairs screaming my head off. The fear is his eyes..it was like I had just told him I was bleeding from the womb. Oh wait...

On the other hand, there have been many-a-women in the past who claimed that periods are feminine, beautiful, and we should embrace them with every inch of souls because they are part of us...somehow I just can't help but disagree (can't imagine why). There are many things which suck about periods; pads flying out your handbag as you search for your wallet in Tesco, almost stabbing your sister for eating your chocolate bar, crying during a nature show because that dolphin was just "so beautiful" (it was) - but the worst one for me is...leakage.

I've always had issues with periods. They were, and still are so heavy that at one point I had to take tablets to control them, which messed up my cycle for life. Hello irregular periods; cheers GP. I was afraid to attend sleepovers because I worried about staining the sheets, and avoided swimming at all costs for fear of having a 'Carrie' moment in the showers. What about tampons, I hear you ask? All I can say to that is back. The. Hell. Up.

When the lovely ladies at Diary Doll tweeted about the chance to review their innovative and clever new panties, I jumped at the chance and, a few days later, received a lovely little package in the post. The creation of friends and fellow mothers Carol Smilie and Annabel Croft, Diary Doll was invented after the ladies discovered that 91% of teenage girls were so afraid of period leaks that they would steer clear from sleepovers or sport. Tell me about it. After gathering their research, Carol and Annabel created a 'period pant', designed to be worn during that 'fabulous' time of the month. Gap in the market? Filled. 

I must admit, I was a weeny bit skeptical. For something as clever as this, you'd expect the knickers to look like oversized granny pants that rise up to your belly button. However, when I opened the cute blue and white pouch, I was greeted with a standard pair of pretty briefs. Raising an eyebrow and scratching my beard chin, I thought "nothing that's this attractive is actually useful." Oh how wrong I was!

So what's so amazing about these knick nacks? Well, they have an invisible, breathable waterproof panel hidden in the lining of the underwear which protects from unwanted leaks. BAM. Simple, and effective. Althought you still have to wear your sanitary towel with the pants, their feminine shape and soft material make them both discreet and comfortable to wear.

Oh how I wish something so simple yet effective existed when I first started my periods! (I genuinely thought I was hemmorhagging - but we'll keep that between us, yeah?) But I know you're all waiting for the answer to the ultimate question: Do they work, Caz?! The simple answer is yes. They 'work' perfectly. No leakage, no mess, no problem (I should start an advertising slogan company, shouldn't I).

The panties come in baby pink and jet black (ooh..hello Mr Grey) in sizes S - XL, and at a measly £9.99 per pantie, they are definitely worth your hard earned dosh.

Oh, and for all the men out there, I say this: PERIOD PERIOD PERIOD PERIOD. Deal with it, suckers.


P.S: This article made my day;  I think both sexes will appreciate it. 


  1. these are a ridiculously useful invention, i will DEFINITELY be investing in a pair - thank you sooo much for bringing these to my attention! x

    1. I know right?! Aww that's awesome! Glad I could be of use :) xx

  2. As a man and ex nurse I understand the need for men to be informed but as always ignorance is bliss and I can appreciate what this mean to women all over, so promote this product like it the only thing in the world that means everything to every woman.


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