A Generation of Man Repellers - And Why We Love It

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See how many f**** she gives? I'd say none.
A couple of months back, I was scouring the Topshop sale with one of my many fellow shopping addicts when I came across the most divine pair of shoes hidden among the array of “from £79.99 to £69.99” booties (no Topshop that is not a sale, sort it out). Diamonds in the wrath I thought, as I eyed these beauties, praying they would fit my ridiculously wide feet. I sat down, forced slid my foot in and stood up. Slightly squished toes, but nowhere near the Geisha-esque tightness I assumed. They fit. They were gorgeous. And they were £20. As I raised them up to the sky as Rafiki did with Simba, I turned around to see my friend, eyebrows raised, lip curled, giving me that look. I lowered the shoes, my face dropping. “What?”
 “Um...Caz you know I love you, which is precisely why I’m going to tell you to gently put those back and start towards the exit.” I blinked at him; what was wrong with them? Okay, so they were leopard print suede, a bit square and had a heel like a dodgy cowboy boot, but couldn't he see the potential?

Back home, the reaction was similar; “Are you sure you like them?” my friend's cousin laughed, clearly not joking. “Hey! Leave Caz’s David Bowie boots alone,” stated my friend, giggling. I clopped off, leaving the echo of heel to wood bouncing around the living room. None of them have real taste anyway, I humphed, placing the shoes carefully back in the box. And then I thought about it. Why am I so concerned about their opinion? Are they going to wearing my new leopard print beauties or am I? My friend was right. They were my David Bowie boots. And I loved them.

Something I’ve realised over the years is that there are women who dress to be gazed at by men, and there are women who would rather be complimented by another woman. No, I don’t mean that half the population bat for the other side, but from my extensive research (3 people), many chicks feel more flattered if a female appreciates their attire. When I dip dyed my hair pink a few months back, a girl stopped me in the street just to compliment me on it – it absolutely made my day, yet if a guy had done the same, my reaction would probably have been a) he’s gay, in which case the compliment is genuine and I’m extremely flattered, or b) he just wants to bang me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to brand all men as cheeky son-of-a-guns who only flatter a woman’s ego if they want to do a bit of the old in-out-in-out, but sadly it tends to be the case more than frequently.

And so, women have started seeking more approval from their fellow sex. Now let’s be honest here – clothes that are currently in fashion aren't what you would call boy magnets; lemon and tan gladiator sandals, ankle swinging tartan cigarette trousers and oversized leather and suede panelled jackets are just a few examples of clothes you can currently find in quirky high street stores such as Topshop and Urban Outfitters.  As a woman who appreciates fashion, I ADORE the unique designs that these stores have been stocking but it’s definitely not stuff your boyfriend would buy for you to role-play in (unless he likes the idea of you unzipping a shoulder padded plaid coat...whatever floats your boats, guys). However, do women actually care? The simple answer is: no. In this day and age, most of us dress for ourselves and only ourselves, and if someone compliments our outfits or make up, it’s simply a bonus.

Take Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller for example: her blog was born after a trip to Topshop made her realise that all the fashion surrounding her would make the boys steer clear. She started posting about fashion that appealed to her but not so much to the opposite sex, and now has a ginormous following which she created by “man repelling”, her fan base consisting of women (and even a few men!) who appreciate her bold, and essentially “don’t give a f***” style; Man Repelling isn't about getting dressed and saying 'How am I going to repel a man today?' It's about dressing for yourself and liking what you're wearing.” And that’s exactly what women are doing today.

When I purchased those leopard print Topshop boots and bought them home, there was a moment where I doubted my taste and judgement. Maybe they are a little bit too eccentric for my style, I thought, wondering if people who stare at me in the street or whether they would actually go with anything in my wardrobe. But then, a simple thought came into my head: F*** IT. If people don’t like them, they can sod off. The only opinion I care about is my own, and I shouldn't let anyone tell me different. And if I’m one of the millions of Man Repellers out there, so be it. 




  1. Nice experience shared! And your suggestion about women seeking approval from their fellow sex, it's redicilous. I always think, just follow your heart, and just look where it takes you. It's you who is wearing the clothes or shoes, don't bother what others think - its not about their opinion.

    If you like, checkout my blog! (:

    1. Aww thanks so much for reading! I really appreciate it :)
      I will most definitely take a peek at your blog.



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