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From Febuary 9th to the 16th, New York was graced with the presence of catwalk strutting, camera clicking, and a traditionally icy Anna Wintour. Yes, it was New York Fashion Week. And while the world of fashion paraded in their Louboutins and absorbed the Autumn/Winter 2012 collections, I was in Putney tapping away at my keyboard and drinking endless amounts of (decaf) coffee.

For a week, I was offered a fantastic work experience placement at Tellusfashion, and during my time there I managed to bag myself a ticket to an international trade show called Scoop. Held in the Saatchi Gallery in Sloane Square, Scoop is a great way for both established and emerging designers to showcase their work. As I nervously walked up the blue carpet (yes my dears, there was a BLUE carpet, very soothing) I realised that this was my first ever fashion event, and I was determined not to mess it up by knocking something over....or embarrassing myself by babbling about how the designs remind me of my best friends dog/kangaroo/any other animal of the furry kind. Somehow, however, I managed to avoid these events by keeping shtum and just smiling. :)

From sleek, evening dresses to airy, multicoloured blouses, this place had something for everyone. Each designer had a little designated space, with the name of their label printed on the wall and a rack or two of their designs. They smiled welcomley, presenting their products with such enthusiasm it was clear that they were passionate about their work. As I was perusing through the various items, I took a few photos to show you guys some of my favourites:

Beautiful, unique shoes by Robert Clergerie

Colour block geometric print by Spijkers en Spijkers - the bright, bold hues remind me of the 70's!

Printed silk scarves by Weston Scarves

I don't know who designed this coat because it was on a stand but I immediatly fell in love with the two tone wool and assymetrical cut!

These nifty little creations are called Bagllerinas. Created for the busy, on-the-go woman, these individually wrapped pumps fold up and can fit neatly into your purse! They come with their own draw string bags and are available in a range of different colours. Major love.

And now we come to my favourite designer of the day: Rebekka Ruetz. Originally from Austria, Rebekka launched her label in 2009 and this was her debut at Scoop. I was enthralled by her rich fabrics and effortless designs; she is a complete breath of fresh air. Almost every piece contained some sort of gathering, pleating or ruffling; it was a collection that was truly pleasing to the eye. And the fur dress? Winner!! This lady is going to make it big for sure.

As I drifted away with my goodie bag filled with business cards in hand, I knew this event was definately an experience worth shouting about. Glad I could let you guys know the 'scoop' about Scoop (Ahhh,I am TOO good).

Bye for now!

P.S: It's the Oscars tonight. So excited.


  1. Nice post! I'm not actually into fashion (if I could wear jeans, hoodies and sneakers all the time, I'd do it) but I really enjoyed reading this. Looks like you had a blast! My favorite ones were the first pair of shoes (I don't wear heels but I liked the design a lot) as well as the gray coat.

  2. Thanks a lot! I appreciate that you took the time to read it :) I love those purple shoes too...I am 5ft9 and sadly my friends never allow me to wear heels on a night out because I tower over them hah. C xx

  3. Yay! Another tall girl! In Lebanon most girls are shorter than me. Hell even a lot of guys are too. I don't like to wear heels, I find them painful and impractical. (But that's just me). I'm glad I don't though, because I'll feel even more like a giant than I usually do hehe. I'm about 173 cm. which I guess amounts to 5'8 or so. Flats all the way! :-P

  4. You're a published writer!? You're writing is excellent! I'm aspiring to be a journalist myself. Any tips? Without sounding too cliché... :P x

  5. Ahah, no actually I'm not, I wish!! The work that is 'Published' is actually stuff that I did during my work experience :) I just didn't know what else to put it under haha. But thank you! I'm attempting to be a journalist too...it's a tough tough industry :( xx

  6. I could imagine :( But hey! Everybody starts somewhere, right? Seeing as your all fashion-minded and whatnot, you might be just fine :) Got our work cut out for us... :P x x

  7. Haha, we shall see right! Keep it up anyway, you've got a talent. And thanks so much for the follow!! xx


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