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When women think of weddings, they think venue, flowers, veil....but most importantly, they think of the perfect dress. While browsing through Tumblr yesterday I came across these absolutely stunning creations by Vera Wang. Yes, my lovlies. BLACK wedding dresses.

Now I'm a pretty big fan of the traditional satin white dress but I am completely in awe of these designs! Guess my dream of a black and white wedding can actually come true ;)


  1. I'm far more a fan of black than white, but never actually thought of wedding dresses in that color...but upon seeing these I'd love to go for it on my wedding day. It likely won't work out though 'cause my family would think I'm holding an internal funeral or something. Black gets such a bad rep eh?

  2. I know!! I would actually love to wear black for my wedding but my famo would literally kill me...may have to go for black and white so I get the best of both haha.


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