Tall Girl Problems Revisited: Favourites from Next

So a few posts back I ranted and raved about the fact that us tall chicks can rarely find clothes to match our towering silhouettes and that tall sections in major high street stores simply aren't enough to satisfy our shapes. Well...I take that back (and I don't do that often so feel free to absorb the moment with ease).

You see, with summer* coming up, I find myself once again scouring the high streets in search of a maxi dress that sweeps across the floor and not my calves and t-shirts that don't rise up and show the ol' muffin top every time I move my arms (which is obviously a lot). As much as I'd love to spend hours looking at online shops that cater for the tall folk, I am one of those annoying shoppers whose oddly proportioned body forces me to try before I buy. And so...we turn our heads to the high street stores. Yes yes, I know. I slated them for not having enough variety and being overpriced, but I came across Next's tall section and was pleasantly surprised.

*I say that with the utmost sarcasm, having lived in London my whole life where 'summer' is classed as 1 day of humid, environmentally unfriendly sun with the remaining 364 days slotting rather perfectly in the 'god knows what season this is' category.

Here are a few items which tickled my fancy:

Never one to wear colour (like, ever), it's natural that I would pick the two monochrome dresses of the bunch. Although summer is all about colour, a statement necklace, bright bag, or floral pair of wedges would work perfectly with these. Also, they're long enough for me to trip over and fall flat on my face. YAY!
(I know some of you may think that 30 odd quid is quite a lot for a dress, but if it means that something fits like a glove, I think it's worth it.)

Despite being a simple item, I find it really difficult to buy a leather jacket that doesn't finish at my elbows (and I'm not talking about the ones that are actually supposed to finish at your elbows). This jacket is perfectly fitted for ones with long arms and torsos and is also decently priced. The jacquard jacket is not only a fantastic length, but can be worn in the summer with the sleeves rolled up and a colour block dress, or in the winter with a pair of super skinny jeans and a thick blouse. Love love love.

Hello skinny jeans that actually fit! A standard occurrence for you maybe, but an exciting prospect for me! In a range of colours and at a measly £24, I wouldn't even mind if they were a bit more expensive so long as they would actually cover my entire leg (though £24 is a swell deal Next, don't be getting any ideas now). When it comes to tapered trousers, I've never found a pair that fits me - these are not only the right length, but also have an elastic waist which means no awkward post-dinner rips (yes it has happened to me - no I don't want to talk about it).

What do you think of my picks? Do you have any favs? Let me know your thoughts :)



  1. i love this post- i'm 5ft 9' and have exactly the same problem.

    thanks for sharing!



  2. nice post :)


  3. Love ur post, I am a tall girlie as well! 5 9 and its such a pain to just got out and buy trousers that arent either too short or really long!

    Harjit x x


    1. Thanks love! I'm also 5"9 and know exactly what you mean :P xx


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