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I'm hoping that there are many of you, like me, who are not one of those marvellously successful bloggers that get backstage passes to shows and have a personal photographer to document each and every outfit (how DO they do it? Teach me your ways, oh fashionable ones).  So, during London Fashion Week you were most probably found glued to your laptop watching live catwalk shows, stroking the screen as each Cavalli dress swept by and weeping into your cashmere/Primark scarf.

Just me? Well, okay then.

But seriously, when prestigious fashion events such as Fashion Weeks come about in our calendars, it becomes pretty hard for the average Joe/Jane to actually get a look in on all the action. So, when I was given a free (yes, FREE) ticket to Fashion's Finest, a fantastic show for emerging designers to show off their talent, I thanked my little fashion fairies (and had a mental breakdown about what to wear in the process).

The fashion show took place at the very swanky Westbury Hotel, just off Oxford Circus. I had never stepped foot into a building as upper-class as this - I mean, there was a doorman for christ sake, top hat and all (I felt very SJP). I was directed into an elongated room on the second floor, with a group of photographers clustered around the end of the catwalk, and a beautiful chandelier that resembled branches of an iced fir tree.

And the collections? Superb.

The show started off with a wonderful collection of high quality hats by LinMilR Millinery; as each model appeared in the doorway, a number of 'wow's escaped the audience's mouths as the models took to the catwalk. Using a combination of materials including mesh, feather, pearl, and even golden pieces of corn, each piece was unique and delicately crafted to capture the essence of the brand. I saw a number of inspirations, one being nature;  floral pieces decorated with thin veils, rich azure with pale lemon & lime detail - one of the hats was even shaped like the petals of a rose. I'd never seen a hat catwalk show, so it was really intriguing to discover an innovative designer for my primary experience.

My favourite designer of the night was Motohiro Tanji; no stranger to the fashion scene, Motohiro's designs are unique and completely out of this world - literally. Inspired by futurism and the gothic, the outfits were a whirlwind of tangled knits, chunky detailing and rather strange-looking headpieces. This A/W 12 collection was inspired by shrubbery such as twists of vines and climbing ivy; simple jumpers were embellished with loops of wool, and oversized knits with elongated twisted knots. One particular dress was teamed with a matching scarf, the ends made of horse hair which added movement to the outfit. At the end of the show, Motohiro emerged from the wings, shyly bowed his head as the audience clapped his achievement. I was surprised by his modesty - he is a truly talented designer, and definately one to watch.

Models line up for the press:

(Note: I am aware my photographs aren't of the best quality...I forgot to take my Canon with me and the old iPhone doesn't like moving content :( if you want to see more HUMAN pictures of the collection, click here and here.)

A few more favourites:

Stunning multi-tonal feather neck decoration by Heart 365 Emporium

Loose shoulders vs cinched waist at Guzovaart

All in all, a successful and well organised event. As for me, I ended up in Hamleys being taught card tricks. Ahh...I love London.


  1. I actually think the pictures you took were pretty good for ones taken from a phone. Again, great post! I'm pretty much fashion senseless, so when I do enjoy a fashion post, you know you've written it awesomely!

    I know this is out of the blue, but you remind me of a friend I have here in Lebanon. She is also a uni student who runs her own fashion blog, though hers has been around for a while now. (If you're interested in seeing it, her url is: http://nouchaline.blogspot.com and her name is Aline). If you'd like to know about fashion from the eyes of someone from this part of the world, she has a pretty good site going. Maybe you two can correspond-- she loves comments!

  2. Haha thanks a lot :) It was pretty hard considering I was in the second row and the models kept moving (obviously). And thank you so much! That actually means a lot, especially seeing as you're all the way in Lebanon!

    I shall most definately check out your friend's blog - it's refreshing to have a view from a different country. Thanks for the link! xx

  3. Nice entry. We created a video summary of our time at London fashion week, do have a look :)

  4. Awesome! I'll take a look at it, and thank you very much! :)

  5. Hi there my name is Rachelle and I also showcased my line at this show but it was the 3pm one on Saturday heres a video that sumed up our collection http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKOT0ABmX4U and to keep updated with RBR London please Press LIKE on our official fan page www.facebook.com/rougebyrachelle Thank you.
    Rachelle at Rouge

  6. Hey! Just checked out your collection, was gorgeous! Shame I missed it. Thanks for checking out my post :)


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