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Hola friends, my name is Caz and I am an English graduate from London. During my degree, I felt the need to write about something other than Shakespeare (although I do love the old boy dearly), and so Cazzy Bean (formerly known as The Glittered Chameleon) was born. It is my outlet, therefore will most probably include many opinionated ramblings.

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3 random facts about me:

~ Despite not being able to drink coffee, I try and find the yummiest, scrummiest alternatives. Please feel free to titter at me in Costa (they do waaay better coffee than Starbucks) when I order a "regular decaf soya hazelnut mocha with no cream".

~ I used to work in Lush - yes, I did come home covered in glitter and coloured powder every day, yes I did smell oh so good. And yes, everyone got bath bombs for Christmas that year.

~ I am not ashamed of anything on my iPod - Backstreet Boys and B*Witched are still appropriate for all occasions.

Anything else you want to know? Contact me on theglitteredchameleon@gmail.com



  1. damn right b*witched are on my ipod and I frequently play c'est la vie on my 'feel good' playlist, and 'blame it on the weatherman'.

    cute 'about me' bit xxx rebecca

    1. YAY I thought I was the only one =P thanks!


  2. Hey you! I'm glad I found your new blog when you moved from WordPress. Love what you've done to the place!! *Nods approvingly*

    1. Thank you! So glad you decided to stop by despite me betraying Wordpress and opting for Blogger haha :)


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