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So a couple of weeks back, I was doing standard Friday night Facebook stalking (yes, I am aware that this inclines I have no life), and my eye was drawn to a little advert in the right hand corner for Birdcage Creative. A massive fan of all things sparkly, my inner magpie started flashing, soI clicked the neat little square and am proud to say that I haven't looked back since (I also didn't get any viruses in the process, woop).

Birdcage Creative is run by a little lady called Abi Johnston, who graduated with a Masters in Product Design Engineering in 2000 and is now running her own graphic design, t-shirt printing and crafting businesses - now that's a girl with ambition. Although she experiments with different materials, my favourite work of hers is the pieces she creates out of resin - take a look and just TRY not to fall in love...

Apple Ring

Kiwi Banana Resin Pendant Necklace

Battenberg cake resin cufflinks

Fruit keyring

Not only has she combined two of my favourite things in the world, food and jewellery, but the detailing on each piece is absolutely exquisite. Look at those battenburg cufflinks, I literally want to munch my way through the plastic just to get a lick. These pretty little wonders would be perfect gifts for Christmas party bags, and the prices are so cheap they should be illegal. To browse through more resin-based items along with bracelets, t-shirts, and other Birdcage Creative designs, click here (she takes dollars and pounds so you have no excuse!) You can also follow her on her Facebook, where she posts frequent updates about her latest items.

And just to finish off, check these babies out:

Pink Cake Slice Earrings




  1. How adorable are they! I really like the little watermelons :) Such amazing skill there, I'm so jealous.

  2. I know! Can you imagine actually trying to sculpt them with tweezers or something?! Unbelievable!


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