These Boots Are Made For...Ouch

Like many 20-something city girls, I love a good night on the town. By that, I don’t mean getting ridiculously rat-arsed and trawl the streets of London with a kebab in one hand and destroyed heels in the other (although let’s face it, we’ve all been there). Nowadays when I go out, all I need is some music, a bit of floor, and I’m loving life. However, one thing has continuously bugged me since I (legally) began setting foot in clubs and bars – bloody high heels.

As a 5ft9 member of the female species, I shop in Topshop Tall, love to stand right at the front of crowds, and generally don’t feel like I need to wear shoes which end up making me seem gargantuan. I’m not saying I don’t love heels – they make you look sophisticated, elongate and slim down your legs and are supposedly the definition of femininity. I own a few pairs that I adore, particularly my glittered copper platforms from New Look (hubba), but my daily life seems to place my size 7 tootsies into flats more than often. Which is why, in preparation for a night out, I am left throwing shoes around my room trying to find the best fit for my outfit – “Those are too high!” “Those make my feet ache!” “The heel is too thin/thick/bendy!”- the list is endless. I have had countless experiences where decently dressed girls have been turned away from clubs just because of their footwear. And guess what, they were wearing flats. Cue irate face.

To cure myself of this ridiculous problem, I have scoured the shops to find the prettiest and most ‘going-outy’ shoes I could find that won’t destroy your spine (or your bank balance for that matter). Here are a few I picked out:

1. AH-HA Pinstud Platforms

£85, Topshop.
The great thing about these is that they provide the perfect transition from day to night - I would wear these with skinny jeans and an oversized cable-knit sweater for daytime shopping, and change into a bodycon dress (if I actually had the body) for the evening. I love them.

2. Vagabond Gaga Wine Flatform

£60, ASOS.

My friend wore a pair of shoesies similar to this a few weeks back to a club and she said it was the best thing she'd ever done. It gives you the slight elevation, but doesn't kill your heels or toes - plus, in such a gorgeous wine hue, who wouldn't want them?

3. Pearl Bow Ballet Pumps

£25, River Island.

Pink. Bows. Pearls. Enough said.

4. Mercury Metallic Lace Slippers

£30, Topshop.

I love how delicate and intricately detailed these babies are. Because they are made of lace, you can slightly see the foot when worn, instantly softening the look.

5. Polly Glitter Stud Slippers

£34.99, Missguided.

Available in 3 different metallic shades, you can't really go wrong with a bit of bling - these will add sparkle and glamour to any outfit.

Now I pray my trips to London clubs will be a little less stressful (providing I actually get paid this month).
And just for the bants, I had to post this:

Hello trip to A&E.


P.S: Just discovered this. Pure genius.


  1. I feel your pain! I don't wear heels at all because I'm 5 foot 10 and would end up well over 6 foot if I wore heels and Hairy isn't that tall :D I do love some of the really pretty shoes you've found here - if only I had normal sized feet and a healthy bank balance :D

  2. Aww yay! I'm glad someone feels the same way haha. My feet are also quite big which makes finding pretty shoes a nightmare!

  3. They really don't let you into clubs if you're wearing flats? Damn. (Not that I'm not much of a clubber to begin with, hehe). I'm 5'8 or so and I'm no fan of heels. They hurt and they make me feel gigantic. It doesn't help that, in Lebanon, I'm even taller than a good chunk of men, which is weird enough without shoes to make me taller. For me, it's flats all the way. What's funny is that my feet are small compared to most people my height (UK size 5, European size 38) but it's also the most common shoe size where I live. So when I do find a shoe I like, there are times where they don't have them in stock 'cause everyone else took them, hehe.

  4. Yeah, sadly certain clubs are so snot nosed that the first thing they look at is your footwear...London life eh?

    I actually love towering over people, I wish I was taller!. My shoe size is 40/7 which to me is HUGE because really pretty flat shoes always make me look like a platypus haha.


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