Brand to Watch: KIKO Make Up Milano - Smart Lipstick Review

Now I'm not one to bang on about make-up brands - I've pretty much been using Miss Sporty and Collection 2000 since I was about 10* - but during a ridiculously unsuccessful shopping trip to Westfield, I stumbled across a little shop which I never noticed before. As I embarrassingly know Westfield like the back of my hand, I headed in (right after I saw the "Lipstick £2.50!" sign, may I add. Your friendly neighbourhood cheapskate right hurr) to see what all the fuss was about. 

As you probably guessed, it was a make-up store. And as you also probably guessed, there was a sale. And where there's a sale, there's a Caz. My friend and I strode in and immediately started rummaging through the discounted sections which were conveniently placed around the edges of the store. After rooting through various different blushers and lipglosses, I came across this little gem deemed "Smart Lipstick". Well, I thought. A lipstick that is both a lipstick and mentally stimulating? I had to have it. I handed over my £2.50 and, feeling smug, exited the store with a thrift-satisfying grin.

I'm actually pretty embarrassed that I haven't heard of KIKO. Established in 1997, the brand has continued to grow vastly from their Italian roots, spreading to all parts of the world. Specialising in make up and skin care, the brand caters for all skin types and also stocks multiple products for the body including firming creams, sun lotions and deodorants. 

Now let me tell you a little bit about my lips; they're pretty frickin' annoying. I don't mean that they follow you around everywhere you go and chant Justin Bieber songs repetitively in your ear, I mean that they chap excessively and are always, and I mean always dry. Due to this, any lipstick I put on almost instantaneously dries and starts flaking within a matter of hours (if not minutes) if I don't douse my lips in Vaseline before applying it. However, this makes the lipstick wipe away easily and ends up more on my teeth than on my lips. Also, eating/drinking/actually having a life becomes almost impossible. So yeah, not exactly ideal.

Obviously, I instinctively assumed that this would also be the case with this particular lipstick. As I applied it the next day without Vaseline (it did say it was moisturizing, but so do most lip colours and they are all a big fat lie), I left the house and waited for the dreaded chapping to begin. Guess what? IT DIDN'T HAPPEN.
Not only did my lips maintain moisture throughout the day, but the lipstick actually lasted. I was pleasantly surprised, and only had to reapply after a mahoosive Costa lunch (and even then it didn't even need that much touching up).

As you can see I went for a bold red, because essentially, that's all I ever wear. However, they do come in a  range of colours including rosy beige, hot pink and even lilac (which I am looking forward to test in the summer - I feel like I should broaden my lip horizons a bit!). They are also incredibly easy to apply, and have a creamy, soft consistency which is definitely something my chapped up mouth needs. 

Aside from the Smart lipstick, KIKO stocks a collection of different lip colours such as the Ultra Glossy Stylo, a lipglossy wet look with an SPF of 15 and the Velvet Mat, a matte lipstick that (although I sadly can't use) looks gorgeous on the lips and comes in a range of colours. And guess what? THEY'RE ALL ON SALE.

Head over to their website where you can get these and more, including their amazing nail polishes for a ridiculous £1.50 upwards! I'm on it right now ordering some lippies. Soz bank balance.


* Please note: I have absolutely nothing against Miss Sporty and Collection 2000 - they served me extremely well through my teenage years of smudged eyeliner parties and makeover sleepovers, and have dramatically improved over the years. RESPECT.

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