London Fashion Week Day 5 - Anya Hindmarch AW14

Image: anyahindmarch.com
Have you ever sat down with a bowl of Frosties, gazed at the box while crunching loudly and thought "Ooh, I could really do with a tote bag bearing the face of Tony the Tiger, me."

Well, me neither actually, but Anya Hindmarch clearly has; with a supermarket inspired catwalk complete with barcode flooring and conveyor belts, this season's bag collection was a delightful translation of a mundane every day activity. Deemed Counter Culture, items you'd usually find on a shop shelf became wearable pieces of art; metallic bourbon and custard cream chained clutches, cylindrical McVities leather wristlets and cereal box themed box clutches were just some of the smaller bags that made the cut. Daz and Ariel washing powder were transformed into tassled box bags and totes were decorated with matchstick logos and the famous Corn Flake cockrel. For me, the highlight was the crunched crisp packet clutch, reflective and beautifully crafted, worn across the waist like a convenient on-the-go snack.

Images: vogue.co.uk
Reminiscent of the Coca Cola and Cambells canned soup images that saturated the 50's pop art movement, it seems that Hindmarch was attempting to brighten up every day items which tend to fade into the background. By utilising recognizable and celebrated brands, not only did she create a sense of luxury, but also established them as important within our daily lives, essentially immortalising them.
'Its about celebrating the small things and seizing the moment to "get happy"' she proclaimed. 'I wanted to treat the everyday ordinary in an extraordinary way.'
The show also exhibited Hindmarch's first ever scarf collection, bright popping pieces printed with yellow smilie faces and decorative boat images.

Overall, a playful humorous show yet still maintaining a sense of luxury.

I need that bourbon clutch in my life.



  1. Ooo, I love Anya Hindmarch!! She's my all time favourite designer and always comes with something that surprises and impresses me. Lucky you for being at her show :)

    1. I love her too! Unfortunately I didn't actually attend the show but still really enjoyed admiring the collection :) x


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