London Fashion Week 2014 Day 4 - Ashish AW14

Image: insideout.topshop.com
Being of the male species, it's both beautifully strange and fascinating that Ashish has the ability to tap into a girl's inner most desires. By that, I mean the desire to be a 90's princess. A fuschia loving, tiara wearing, denim clad 90's princess. Even I didn't realise I wanted to be a one until I saw this show (a bittersweet discovery if you ask me). 

Naturally, I was expecting an array of sparkle - Ashish is renowned for his vibrant clashing colours, perfect patterning and frequent use of sequins. This season, however, he exeeded expectations; floor-length waterfall tulle frocks in rose pink, frilled denim jumpsuits and glittering loose sweatshirts all swept by accompanied by flashing pairs of light up LED buffalo boots. You heard me. LIGHT UP BUFFALOES. Urban barbies trudged down the catwalk in sequined football jackets, fringed metallic bombers and blinged up sweats, a definite nod to the sports luxe that's been drifting around fashion week this season.

Also very รก la Ashish came the welcomed return of slogans and lettering - slouchy jumpers were embellished with glittering 'Paris' and 'USA', while a sequin-sleeved varsity jacket had a charming "F U" studded on the chest, all adding to the glamorous yet urban vibe. The grand finale consisted of a heavily tattooed lady with a shaved head strutting down the catwalk bearing the words 'Love Will Win' or a sequined rainbow t-shirt - a clear stab at the recently publicised Russian anti-gay laws. 

Hair and beauty, much like the clothes, was wild. Magenta and baby blue sweeps of shadow decorated the eyes while cheeks were streaked with bright pink blush, very much adding the princess aesthetic. Hair was frizzy and curly, decorated with jewel encrusted tiaras. 

Jeans were ripped, sweatpants were flashing (no, really) and denim jackets ruffled, and as the princesses floated away, a graceful Ashish popped his head round the corner sporting his very own pair of flashing buffalos trainers. A truly decadent end to London Fashion Week day four.


P.S: I just discovered that Ashish is teaming up with Topshop again for AW14, and those divine buffalo trainers are going to be part of the collection!.!.!. Better start saving up pronto.

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